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Let the time drifts on the attention-catching  drift watch   curves, ETTORE automated shows how 4-arm time shows Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Inspired through the unmistakable supercar elements, ATOWAK Ettore affords a feeling of velocity on your wrist with the curving beauty of a race song and complex four-arm wandering hour time display. Even inside the dark, Ettore sticks out with exciting curved lines and numerals illuminated via Swiss Super-LumiNova coating, handing over a sense of riding a supercar at night time! From interior to outside, each unmarried detail of Ettore is meticulously perfected to the best standards for premium excellent and luxury style.












Wandering hour headaches are the maximum state-of-the-art and exciting time show in watchmaking. Often reserved for high-cease luxurious watches, the complexity worried in creating this committed movement and its time indicating system effortlessly pushes the price to an unattainable stage (maximum are over $10k). To make wandering hour watches on hand to more people, we’ve got committed numerous years of improvement to create our very own unique custom movement and now, we are proud to present it in Ettore!




Ettore’s look impresses all from very first sight. The streamlined glass provides a panoramic racing tune whilst the case is inspired by way of the supercar iconic hood layout, evoking a sense of supercar racing and a imaginative and prescient of speed to your wrist.





Time analyzing in Ettore is intuitive yet desirable, four-arm wandering hour hands each with three numbered signs rotating in best precision to simultaneously display the Hour and Minute because it sweeps across a numbered indicator. Combined with the supercar-stimulated shell, Ettore is a assured communication starter!


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Finished with a Swiss Super-LumiNova coating, Ettore’s curved lines and the numerals on the dial shine distinctively in the darkish, which lets in you to study the time without difficulty and offers the watch a elegant standout appearance in low lighting fixtures.



Ettore’s dial and palms are made from three-D-revealed copper and aviation-grade aluminum. The three-D printing technique ensures consistency and advanced fitment. The surfaces are protected with Swiss Super-LumiNova coating that enables easy time analyzing in low light situations.








For those who pick retrograde style time analyzing, ATOWAK Ettore Lite is a brilliant choice that retains all of the symbolic supercar factors. Its motion is redesigned based on the authentic MIYOTA 8215 movement.


ETTORE LITE has the same cloth and strap as Ettore Drift (because of this all 6 non-compulsory straps can be utilized in Ettore Lite) and the equal functions together with 3ATM water resistant and outstanding luminova coating. But its price is nearly 1/2!



Super- luminova coating makes ETTORE LITE shine via the dark. Durable 316L chrome steel, that’s created thru a series of 20 separate pressings and over 50 best processing steps. Every part of the surface is delicately polished to spotlight each beautiful aspect. We guarantee the identical state-of-the-art design of ETTORE LITE at a extra low cost rate.





The case of the Drift and Lite are each machined from durable 316L stainless-steel and are created through a chain of 20 separate pressings and over 50 nice processing steps. Then, each part of the surface is delicately polished to highlight every stunning side.

Add to that, Ettore is made with the sapphire crystal this is completed with an anti-reflective AR coating which is greater scratch and smudge resistant, delivering a luxury time-studying experience through the time!

Case Dimensions: forty six.Five MM X forty.8 MM


All Ettore watches use pinnacle-great Italian leather-based that is supple and secure, yet long lasting. Even after years of use, it retains its bright luster and comfort. Ettore’s strap includes a brief-launch spring bar system that permits you to update the strap without difficulty. With one simple press, you could detach the strap and update it with specific coloration alternatives to fit extraordinary fashion requirements.


Strap Width: 24MM X 20MM

Strap Length: 120MM X 80MM


Ettore’s specific time indicator system requires a custom designed movement. To obtain this, our skilled engineering crew spent years remodeling the special movement for Ettore primarily based at the authentic MIYOTA 9015 motion and MIYOTA 8215 motion. Rigorous checking out is done to ensure accuracy and precision for the 4-arm time display gadget.





Last year, we launched our first ATOWAK watch on Kickstarter and we’ve got raised HKD $782,371 from 293 backers. So a long way, we’ve got correctly added packs to all the backers and feature received many fantastic feedbacks from customers international. And now, we are proud to introduce our contemporary ATOWAK Ettore to all of the Kickstarter audiences once more!










*Please observe: Watches in assessment motion pictures are 1st-spherical samples for test and evaluate, the luminous overall performance could be steady with the product image as proven.






All 6 straps are well suited with both Ettore Drift and Ettore Lite, you can pick the add-on desire on the checkout web page. We will confirm your color choice after our campaign ends through a survey.






A passion for velocity is a powerful human preference. It has inspired human beings to race to the finish line and to construct the supercars that get them there. With breathtaking curves, luxurious finishes, and the animal roar of the engine, a automobile drifting around a racetrack is a heart-pounding, breathtaking sight.

Inspired by that interesting quest for speed, our crew has committed itself to designing a luxurious mechanical watch that epitomizes the excitement of racing. Like a racecar, it possesses streamlined curves and is crafted round a high-tech time display that defines its superior style.

Ettore is lovely at first sight. Rather than reworking traditional styles, we start anew, with formidable curves stimulated with the aid of supercar elements and the race tracks that they run. With unique radians of polished metal, Ettore is rapid even at the same time as status still.

Like the top racers that stimulated it, Ettore is full of cutting-edge technology, built with a complicated 4-arm wandering hour time show system only determined in excessive-stop luxury watches. With precision and regular motion, the rotating hour palms flow along its indexed dial, revealing itself like a race automobile dashing into view.

One of the maximum lovely capabilities of Ettore is the Night Mode. Just like driving a supercar alongside the toll road at night time, illuminated via the dashboard lights and feeling the speed with your entire body, the curves of Ettore’s shell are traced with a Swiss Super-LumiNova coating that highlights the watch’s most iconic layout functions.

Ettore is the end result of tireless years of design and craftsmanship, racing toward a game-converting win. It’s an low-cost luxury for mechanical watch fans and people obsessed with the spirit of racing.





ATOWAK was hooked up with the assist of watchshopin.Com and Bribeat. Watchshopin.Com is a respected store of watches and gem stones and is a key associate and distributor for ATOWAK.

Bribeat is an experienced institution of experts who have been inside the watch business for over two decades targeted on the manufacturing and development of luxurious watches. They have partnered with some of the most celebrated international watch brands for over 10 years and convey with them an experienced and bendy supply chain of watch additives, actions, cases, straps, dials, palms, and exceptional adornments.

ATOWAK watches are designed, created, and synthetic completely thru these capable companions and supplied directly to purchasers without brokers or middlemen, in order that prices to the consumer are minimized and pleasant is ensured.









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